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Social media ad campaigns provide the most scalable content promotion and when executed correctly are proven to turn visitors into leads and sales. Social media advertising is the new digital marketing tool that helps businesses find new potential clients using their own shared information to identify interest. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter are a good option for new businesses with limited budget as well established ones because of the advanced targeting options, reliable conversion tracking and instant customer feedback. The modern-day consumer is targeted at every opportunity online with a big % turning their backs at sponsored content. Our job is to get your brand’s message across in an authentic and engaging way without negatively impacting the user’s experience. After significant research, we produce and deliver creative campaigns that target users who actively look at or search for content relevant to your business on different online platforms.

• Extensive Online Research
• Interest, Behavioural and Connection targeting
• Design and Test
• Mobile Friendly Design
• Ads Rotation (new content, same message)
• Conversion Tracking

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