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Nowadays influencer marketing is gaining popularity with brands by the minute. Social media personalities are proven to have an impact on consumers’ decision making and are definitely a good and more efficient alternative to paid advertising. Influencers are real people who are experts in a certain field who will help your brand enter the target audience quickly and gain the consumer’s trust instantly. Using an influencer as a part of your marketing strategy is a great way to position the brand image and identity and is also a safe way to market your product or service through trusted people in your specific industry, filtering the “wannabes” with bought (bot) followers, comments and likes. Here at Bonkers Creative we help you find and connect with the most relevant influencers in your industry. According to your budget and marketing needs we help you create and manage a campaign with the influencer in question, which is a great opportunity for you to branch out to new channels and gain more exposure of your product/service in the digital world. Here are a few examples of what influencer marketing can do for your business:

• Improve Brand Advocacy

• Expand Brand Awareness

• Reach New Targeted Audiences

• Increase Share of Voice

• Improve Sales Conversion

• Manage Reputation

• Drive Lead Generation

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